About Us

About Us

The 3rd Eye: Horror of the Orient, by Haunted Men Productions, the rebranded identity of R&CHH (Richard & Christina’s Haunted House). Richard and Christina’s Haunted House started Halloween, 2007. Featuring both East and Western cultures’ supernatural vibes and thus distinguishing us from among other haunted houses.

Richard and Christina are immigrants from Taiwan and Mainland China. They met in USA, fell in love and got married in California. Both Richard and Christina are very passionate doing creative things. Their neighbor, an American couple, used to host a small haunted maze during the Halloween season on their street. After their neighbor moved out of state, Richard and Christina felt something was missing during Halloween season. The lively, fun-filled street had become too quiet and kids in the community missed all the fun times and memories that used to be there on Halloween.

In 2007, the couple decided it was time to recreate the fun and started their own haunted house attraction for neighbors and kids to visit during Halloween. They started everything from scratch! With limited budget, they purchased props, lumbers, plastics and related objects. Utilizing their own skills in construction and graphic design, infused with endless passion, they made their first haunted house out of their garage and the side yard of the house. During Halloween 2007, their haunted house attracted many many neighbors and kids. Best of all, Richard and Christina’s Haunted House brought good times and memories back to the community. When the couple saw all the visitors’ smile and heard lots of screaming inside the haunted house, their hearts were filled with fulfillment and happiness.

In the following years, they have continued to build the haunted house every year. Spending thousands from their own savings on this annual project, they kept improving the equipment. As time passed by, friends with the same passion also joined in and helped as volunteers. They gradually increased the size of the maze and attracted tons of people to visit. In 2015, they had roughly 3,500 visitors during the Halloween weekend. As the haunted house draws more and more attention, the media also interviewed the couple and the fun attraction was covered and broadcast on local TV including CBS, TVB, ETTV, Skylink, Sinovision, Apple Daily, and Asian 8 Media.

For more than ten years, Richard and Christina’s Haunted House has brought people fun, good memories of Halloween and provided unique opportunities for those with passion and talent, whether in acting, set design or graphic design. Interested in building and performing in this year’s Richard and Christina’s Haunted House? Come join our creative family!